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AI, Art & Wetlands Life


Deep Swamp is a fascinating art project featuring three different combinations of wetlands environments and AI agents, with each combination optimizing towards a different goal: “The agents, Nicholas, Hans and Harrison, patiently watch their swampy territories and modify the conditions in them. Every few minutes they adjust the light, water flow, fog and nutrients, to try to engineer their environments for different goals. Harrison aims for a natural looking wetland, Hans is trying to produce a work of art and Nicholas simply wants attention.”


Ecosystem anchor

Tree of life, La Ceiba, Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica.

Tree of life


Hana-yuki is the snowing of tree blossoms caused by a gentle wind.

The idea of hana-yuki is an expression of one of my favorite aspects of Japanese culture; the balancing of joy in the optimistic magical attributes of the natural world with a deep appreciation for its ephemeral quality.




Graphic nature

An early November sunset paints a classic California graphic pattern.