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Shout it out loud

The will to self-expression is strong in us.

In a state park restroom, people leverage the only space where they can easily leave a permanent mark.

And what is the story here? Is this a personal message? Or perhaps a self-reflexive apology to Banksy for ripping off Banksy’s style in order to apologize to Banksy for ripping off his style?

Down the street, my neighbors have been “flocked.” This is an elaborate way to raise money for their daughter’s church youth group. One of their friends has donated money to the group and thus caused the deployment of this flock of plastic flamingoes. Beats a tote bag–take note, NPR.

Physical Traces

Paper towel in club bathroom, Los Angeles, CA

Curbside trash, Palo Alto, CA

The future of multitasking?

I recently observed this man walking along a San Francisco sidewalk while lifting a dumbell. He was doing reps, alternating sides, just like one would do in a gym.

If people’s general level of busyness continues to increase, will sights like this be more common? What else will people start to do while moving between points? What will the culture accept and what will it reject?