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The Best Thing

This was absolutely the best thing that happened this weekend.

Angry Birdsky: Angry Birds + Banksy by @bortwein [ via laughingsquid.com & @chris23 ]

Cultural Mashup – El Dia de Los Muertos de Burning Man?

The Day of the Dead parade in San Francisco last night had a distinct Burning Man vibe.

Observing and chatting with festival participants, there was a real spectrum of opinions about this blending of rituals from different cultures/sub-cultures.

Some people had strongly negative feelings about what they see as a co-opting (and in some cases debasement) of a deep piece of Latin culture, while others framed the cultural mashup as a positive evolution.

One thing is for sure – we all need rituals and a chance to change up our everyday experience – and cultures invent, borrow, and innovate to satisfy this basic set of needs.


…Savor the candy skulls of the Days of the Dead (for one day, La Muerte will feast on you, too)…

…Happy Halloween…

…Go Giants!