Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Best Thing

This was absolutely the best thing that happened this weekend.

Angry Birdsky: Angry Birds + Banksy by @bortwein [ via & @chris23 ]


Today is going to be visual inspiration day. Enjoy…

An amazing piece of art/technology/horology — This clock by design group humans since 1982 is witty and elegant [ via likecool ]

Sketching! — Mike Rohde has put together a lovely compendium of sketching-related thoughts and resources [ via a list apart ]

I stumbled across a blog this morning with so much good stuff on it that, even though it might be slightly lame to repost several pieces from the same source, I wanted to share a few of my favorites. Definitely check out the whole blog. [ all of the following via i.e. @femmmefatal ]

All you sketchers out there will like this body painting piece

Here’s a virtual tour of the world’s art museums — The amazing Google Art Project

And finally, more proof that, with a good eye and great soundtrack, everything is interesting — A hi-def video sketch by Tom Guilmette