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A post-brand world?

While brands are doing backflips to garner customer loyalty, could it be that the consuming public has reached a point where the collective noise of brand-song has become so deafening that it ceases to register? Or that many of the products in our lives are so commoditized that the customer/product relationship is all but irrelevant?

post brand world

Are we moving toward a post-brand world?

What would this mean for companies? For starters, a focus on treatment of customers–service, support, retail experience–becomes paramount if a brand wants to create actual relationships with its customers. The brand is no longer just the product–it is the experience of interacting with the company that makes the product.

Advertising everywhere

No longer is my toilet paper a private space…

Advertising is everywhere. What’s next?

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A quasi-random sampling of interesting tidbits…

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Artist/designer Helmut Smits burns IKEA – This video is worth checking out if only to remember how to start a fire without matches [via Core77]

An incredible collection of origami – This set of paper sculptures includes an origami Yoda and a working model of a V-12 engine – ’nuff said. [via ChaCha]