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How awesome is this!

“The Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ only staffs waiters with dementia, so every order is a surprise.”



Mesmerizing simplicity: Soba master Tatsuru Rai with an awesome demonstration of pure craft.

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Hana-yuki is the snowing of tree blossoms caused by a gentle wind.

The idea of hana-yuki is an expression of one of my favorite aspects of Japanese culture; the balancing of joy in the optimistic magical attributes of the natural world with a deep appreciation for its ephemeral quality.





Not all social networking happens via technology…


3D Printing a Building!

We seem to be moving toward being able to 3D print a full-size structure (via DVice).

As always when handworked artifacts become mechanically produced, there are impacts on jobs, crafts, culture, and the human spirit–some negative, some positive–and it’s worth thinking about the general trajectory of our species, but this is a pretty bangin’ application of 3D printing.

TEDx presenter Behrokh Khoshnevis’ presentation gets really exciting at 6:50 when he shows a actual machine building a wall and then at 9:10, when he talks about building structures on the moon!!

Shout it out loud

The will to self-expression is strong in us.

In a state park restroom, people leverage the only space where they can easily leave a permanent mark.

And what is the story here? Is this a personal message? Or perhaps a self-reflexive apology to Banksy for ripping off Banksy’s style in order to apologize to Banksy for ripping off his style?

Down the street, my neighbors have been “flocked.” This is an elaborate way to raise money for their daughter’s church youth group. One of their friends has donated money to the group and thus caused the deployment of this flock of plastic flamingoes. Beats a tote bag–take note, NPR.

Window dressing

Ever-shifting standards of beauty: botoxed mannequins in a Palo Alto storefront.