How awesome is this!

“The Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ only staffs waiters with dementia, so every order is a surprise.”



Santa Cruz, CA


Stories– yes! I’ve had excellent results in the past few years using a graphic novel approach to communicate project outcomes–showing a client, “here’s what the world would be like if you implemented these ideas.” Follow this link for a good post by Nick Babich on storyboarding and UX, with a nice synopsis of elements for successful storytelling.



Brooklyn, New York

On the grid

Ningbo, China

Boulder Creek, 6:00am

This was the world, at this moment, unfiltered, unprocessed.


Cuba’s Human Internet

In Cuba, people share information and content through a person-to-person network, circumventing the country’s internet restrictions. Go people!

deathtostock_cubanunderground-4Image via Death to the Stock Photo