Park (ing)

Across from Ace Hotel DTLA

In tribute to the Ace Hotel, an image of the Banksy mural across from their downtown LA location. Ace sent out a request yesterday to donate to their staff, who are unable to work during the quarantine.

I’ve loved Ace Hotels since my first stay at Ace Portland years ago. They provide a home-away-from-home that’s genuinely welcoming and just the right degree of idiosyncratic. I can’t imagine a world without Ace Hotels.


The Latin American Club, San Francisco December 2018

Welcome to Seligman

Seligman Arizona, January 2005


Berlin, Germany

AI, Art & Wetlands Life


Deep Swamp is a fascinating art project featuring three different combinations of wetlands environments and AI agents, with each combination optimizing towards a different goal: “The agents, Nicholas, Hans and Harrison, patiently watch their swampy territories and modify the conditions in them. Every few minutes they adjust the light, water flow, fog and nutrients, to try to engineer their environments for different goals. Harrison aims for a natural looking wetland, Hans is trying to produce a work of art and Nicholas simply wants attention.”


“They didn’t believe in teaching, they believed in learning.”

–Lisa Demetrios on her grandparents, Charles and Ray Eames


Home, Hearth and Form

Winter Skyline

Cambridge, Massachusetts

How awesome is this!

“The Restaurant of Order Mistakes’ only staffs waiters with dementia, so every order is a surprise.”



Santa Cruz, CA