The future of multitasking?

I recently observed this man walking along a San Francisco sidewalk while lifting a dumbell. He was doing reps, alternating sides, just like one would do in a gym.

If people’s general level of busyness continues to increase, will sights like this be more common? What else will people start to do while moving between points? What will the culture accept and what will it reject?

2 responses to “The future of multitasking?

  1. I see people at the laundromat doing curls with their laundry basket. They put in the bottle of detergent to make it heavier. I’ve seen people walking back from a quick trip the the nearby store doing curls with the grocery bags. It is getting to be a common site anymore.

    • Those are great examples. (I’ve done the grocery bag curl walking home from the store, too.)

      Carrying an actual dumbbell seems like it goes one step beyond exercising with whatever is at hand; it’s interesting to observe where those lines/norms are. It’s now absolutely “normal” to carry around portable devices for listening to music. Will it go the same way with exercise equipment? How will size/shape/visibility of the required artifacts play into what becomes commonplace?

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